Benjamin, Montgomery, its just like a minimall.

Ben Monty is a 32 year old chode from Netherlands and joined the US Army along with the Cunts R Us corporation.He is so ugly i have no idea who fuck would not die of shock cos of his face


He is a fucking pussy and hides whenever enemies are seen. The Cunts R Us corp regreted working with the dickhead and was absolutely no help in raising money for them. His arch enemy is the mysterious Vault Dweller, who got really pissed off at Ben's masturbation addiction, which happened frequently in battles at Anchorage


He was given the award of: Biggest fag in the universe: and was arrested for stealing the latest issue of hustler and put in the Wanker Smith Mental Hospital for help of the masturbation addiction. However, they could not find a cure, and so therefore had to rip his arms off. Thankfully, he was killed by a Plasma Vibrator after the bombs fell