The Broken War had begun in 2277, and ended in 2290. The Brotherhood of Steel declared war on the noobclave. The name is fitting, as most of the weapons and technology both sides had been using were faulty and simply broke upon first use. The later parts of the war consisted of verbal arguments between sides over which person would repair their item faster. It was utterly pathetic.

Special EventsEdit


  • New Year, 2277. Broken War Begins.
  • Valentine Day, 2277. Enclave soldiers become obese, and fart most of the brotherhood's soldiers to death.
  • 4th of July, 2277. Enclave celebrates the birthday of America, but are assasinated at their base located at Raven Rock.

Ending Timeline

  • 4th of July, 2290. Presifail eden is finally killed while having a WoW party with his geek friends, located in an unknown area.

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