A Child is an person, who is older than a baby, but younger than a teenager. It is a carbon based, humanoid biped.

West CoastEdit

If a child is killed on this cost, everyday civillians will gather up thier Power Armor and Plasma Rifles to hunt yo mutha fukkin dowwwnnn beee-atch!

East CoastEdit

Children here are completely invonerable. Yes, I know I spelled that wrong. Asswipe. Anyway, they cant be killed, even when you shove a mini-nuke up thier asshole.

Fortunately, they use their power for good, or in some instances, for absolutely nothing.

... Blah Blah Blah ...

Where do children come from? Edit

In spite of the popular belief, children of the post-apocalyptic wastes are not created when a boy and a girl love so much each other that they breed like rabbits. Due to the high levels of radiation, all persons in the wastes are sterile, or, if this is not the case, homosexual. Sometimes even both. Children of the wastes are created in the Mariposa Military Base and in Vault 87 by throwing Ultra Super Mutants Gargantuan Pirate Megabehemoths, Deathclaws and Sugar Bombs into F.E.V vats. However since F.E.V. is a hoax, the Ultra Super Mutant Pirate Megabehemoth is cibernetically enhanced and given Power Armor training, plus the "Almost Perfect" perk and every Bobblehead. The Deathclaw is set free to the wastes to serve as cereal for someone and the Sugar Bombs are sent to cause chaos. The latter part usually has a limited succes.