Whoriarty was born in Chiganitaladaofamerasianpussy and sailed the 6.4523452580293759812570293485 and a 5th seas searching for a place next to a bomb to settle down in.


China, Afganistan, Italy, Canada, USA, Asia, and Russia all combined to create a super country, Whoriarty was born and raised in West Philidalphia, spending most of his days on the playground, chilling out, maxin' all cool when a couple of Deathclaws, obviously up to no good, started making trouble, Whoriarty got in one big ass fight and his mom got scared and said "You're packing your things and heading to Bel-air The Capital Wasteland"

The Capital LetterEdit

Also know as the Capital Wasteland, Whoriarty moved into Megaton when he started Gob's Saloon. Then the player showed up as a baby and Dad, Whoriarty and Whoever

the fuck YOU are all had orgies with Nova as a 6-year-old girl named Vagless. Moriarty's