The Garden of Eden Creation Kit, or G.E.C.K, is a device to create the Enclave President Presifail Eden, otherwise known as Hitler, a garden. Eden could make any kind of garden he wanted to have. When the Chosen One set out to find one of these, Eden's at the time boyfriend, President Richardson (Also known as President Dickhardson) was infuriated by this attemp to steal one of his boyfriends sex toys. Richardson decided to imprison the inhabitants of Arroyo, where the Chosen One was sent from. May years later after his boyfriends death in the hands of the Chosen One, Eden was now the president of Enclave, and when the The Lone Asshole set out to find yet another G.E.C.K, Eden saw his oppoturnity to build a new garden, as he was getting bored of his current garden gnomes. Of course, the attempt failed and the Kit is now used to run Project Ghoulification.

It also has a sister device,another G.E.C.K, this time the Gastric of Elvis Cleaning Kit.