Origins Edit

Limited exposure to Radiation Kings for a long period of time sometimes causes humans to transform into ghouls, although the majority of ghouls created in this manner are also grossly overweight, limiting their capability for violence. Exposure to Radiation Kings typically result in lard-assity followed by bed-sores, with the x-factor that will lead to mutation upon exposure in lieu of the typical outcome suspected to be a bug that wasn't ironed out before the release date arrived.

Behaviour Edit

Ghouls are generally quite eclectic in their behaviour, with the most typical identifying factor being a complete reversal of the digestive system. Whilst this is at the least midly disturbing, it has allowed two specific ghouls great fame once they incorporated a Pre-War Cup into their routine. Still, the hygeine issues inherent in this bizarre display have caused the majority of ghouls to develop terrible skin rashes. This could perhaps be the reason behind the crankiness many ghouls display.