yippee ki-yay mutha fucka! - Sheriff Lucas Simms to the lone wanderer

Sheriff Simms mom

Megaton is the first safehaven found by the lone wanderer. The whole city is built in a crater with an undetonated bomb in the center. For some reason people thought it was a great idea to settle near a bomb that could blowup everything in D.C.

Judging by the number of times you're given the option to blow up Megaton its fairly clear that the developers really hate this place.

Background Edit

Founded by a group of itinerant Mole Rats, it is a little known part of Megatonian Lore that the town was originally named "Grrr*snort*squeek*gurgle." After spending a few years in close proximity to the unexploded atom bomb, the irksome little rodents devolved into the current townfolk.