Operation Wankorage starts off with the player landing somewher

. He went and destroyed three GAGTSFN (Giant Ass Guns That Shoot Fucking Nukes.)

Commanding The Strike TeamEdit

When the player destroyed the GAGTSFN camp, (s)he had accidentally pressed a button that did 3 things: Teleport them home, activate a 47.9 hour timer to blow up the world, and give him command of a strike team. The strike team proved useless because the player could do whatever the hell he wanted. After he utterly disintegrated the Magma Camp, Deaf Post and the CHINASS TANK depot, he headed to the Whining town, there, he went to the pulse feild.

General JigwankEdit

General Jigwank was easy to kill, especially since he was really a fruit, vegtable, delusional schitzophrinic pshycopath that was created by Dad's famous C.U.M and J.I.Z.Z Incident.