Presifail Eden was the President of the Noobclave, during 1944. Eden was also a weak decoy, hired by Hitler. Eden was the one who shot some of the jews in the holocaust. When Presifail Eden was killed, he was transformed into a jew to be alive. Unfortunately he died again, and soon he was given his final form, the computer that thinks a lot of things (mainly about killing jews). Well then, after this, in 2277, the noob wanderer destroyed the failure. He was never heard from again, except from secret people!!!! He is also known to have had a relationship with Presifail Richardson but this ended in tragedy. He has a 30 megabyte hardrive that is mainly filled with cheap mexican pornography.

What a sad story....


Though he was presumed dead, the ultimate fat ass, otherwise known as Frank Horrigan, made a huge fart, that rebuilt the noob that died. He became a human once again, but was eventually killed by Colonel Autumn in the Broken War. Eden was left there, and his retarted legacy was carried by the ultimate fat ass.

During 1944Edit

In 1944, Eden killed aproximately, 750 billion jews, within 5 seconds. Unfortunately, 10 seconds later, he was assasinated by his arch enemy, Colonel Autumn.

During 2277Edit

As Eden was a Jew himself, he did the right thing and walked off a ledge. However, this being done, he did not die, but halfway through the fall, somehow mutated into a big ass super computer. The computer, now being a very intelligent hunk of crap, knew all the secrets to life. He talks to the lone wanderer of how he is sorry for just killing the Jews, and wishes it was also the Germans, now knowing that all Germans eat their babies feces. Later in his days, he was sploded by his arch nemesis and never lived to successfully kill all of the Germans. The moral of the story is that if your a Jew, there is a 1.1% chance that you may turn into a big ass super computer. Darn Jewbags.

List of Secret People who Still Knew Eden After His Fake DeathEdit

(This was before the Broken War)