Take a guess on why they call him 'Sticky'. Go on, guess.


Sticky was an annoying benny who was born to his Mirelurk parents, Mother: Pizza Slut and Father: Bum Cum. They were killed by the Raiders, Split Jackoffer, and his brother, Shit Jackoffer. He went to little lamplight and was so fucking annoying. Everybody hated him, and the only reason he was allowed to stay was because he had lots of Motherfucklecaps.

18 Years OldEdit

Thankfully he was exiled from lamplight at his 18th birthday. The Lone Asshole saved him from a RubberRocks Ltd Robot at the nearby Everglow national campground. The LA agreed to take him to Dick Town. Along the way, Sticky made his shit stories. The LA got pissed off, so took him to the Horny Honkers strip club, where no one who went for a lap dance ever came back alive...

In the lap dance room he was killed by a Pulse Penis and was never heard of again. Hip Hip Hooray for Pulse Penis for killing the annoying cocksucker